Published Apps (Android & iOS)

During the course of the last 2+ years, I have been working hard on developing mobile applications. Below you can see all of the apps that I have developed and published. There are also a few that are in various stages of completion but haven't been published yet.

Spinning Tales -- Android


Put your creativity to work as you and your friends take turns spinning a tale. Welcome to Spinning Tales, the app that lets you and your friends come together and write amazing tales.

Set the tone for the tale by coming up with an intriguing title. After that, invite a few friends to help you. If you are really feeling daring, why not invite a few random Spinning Tales authors to help you - the choice is yours!

Now that you have gotten started spinning a tale, it's time to put your creativity to work and start writing. You and your friends will enjoy watching the tale unfold as you each take turns adding to it - word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. And don't worry, Spinning Tales works over the Internet so there is no need to be in the same room, or the same country for that matter.


I'm Almost There

I'm Almost There -- Android


Welcome to I'm Almost There - the Android application that alerts you and/or sends an SMS when you are within range of a certain destination. Think of it as an alarm with a built in GPS.

I'm Almost There uses our Adaptive Location Engine (ALE) which has been carefully designed to be extremely battery-friendly. The ALE will NOT simply turn on your devices GPS to determine location. Our goal is to make sure you don't even know it is there - until it sounds an alarm of course.

I'm Almost There is based on three simple concepts:

  1. Destination: You can search for a destination by address and then save it by name for use in an alarm.
  2. Alarm: Setup any number of alarms for each saved destination. Alarms are fully customizable for the alert type to the radius around the chosen destination. You can even choose to send an SMS when an alarm triggers.
  3. Location: Our Adaptive Location Engine will silently work to determine if you are within range of a location of a saved alarm.

Thats it! When the time is right, I'm Almost There will trigger your alarm using its custom settings. A standard Android alert will also be shown in the status bar - from there you can reset or even snooze the alarm.

So, what are you waiting for? Download it today then click on the Destinations tab and get started!



Launch Screen Organizer -- Android


We all love Android, but let's face it, moving those icons and widgets around your home screens can be quite tedious. Launch Screen Organizer changes all of that!

Launch Screen Organizer consists of two components, an Android application that runs on your device and a desktop application that runs on your computer. The desktop component uses Java Web Start technology so it doesn't need to be installed - simply click a link on our site and it will start.

Ready!? Launch the desktop component and click Load - Launch Screen Organizer grabs the current home screens from your device over your existing Wifi connection - NO WIRES NEEDED. Once fully loaded, all of the home screens are laid out in a very easy-to-see grid which mimics your existing home screens. In addition, all the applications installed on your device are displayed across the bottom - just in case you want to add them to a home screen. Now simply drag-and-drop, using your mouse (or track pad), to easily organize existing and/or add new applications to any of your home screens.

Experiment all you want, changes aren't made to your device until you click the Apply button. And don't worry, Launch Screen Organizer DOES NOT change your existing launcher application in any way, you can still add/remove icons on your device in the same way you always have.


The computer component of Launch Screen Organizer requires Java to be installed. If you are unsure if you have Java, click the following link to verify: Do I have Java?


Launch Screen Organizer will work on all Android versions from 1.5 to 2.2. It also will work with devices running HTC Sense UI - please read the important notes below regarding Sense UI support.

Regarding HTC Sense Support

Only scenes that are saved on your device can be organized. If you would like to organize the current scene you must save it first.
On your device do the following: Settings -> Personalize -> Scenes -> Menu -> Save.

All of the scenes saved on your device are available to be modified in Launch Screen Organizer. You can switch between them using the drop-down list in the upper right corner of Launch Screen Organizer. When you click Apply, all modified scenes will be updated on your device.

If you make changes to the current scene, you must reload it before the changes will be reflected on your home screens - we are looking into this to see how to make this happen automatically. Until then, the simplest way to reload is to swith to another scene temporarily then switch back to the scene that you modified using Launch Screen Organizer.

Also, Launch Screen Organizer has been designed to dynamically discover your device with no configuration. Unfortunately, some versions of Android have a bug that breaks this functionality. If your device cannot be dynamically discovered, you can enter the IP address and port of your device - this will allow the desktop component to communicate with it.


Once you have confirmed that Java is installed on your computer, click the link below to start Launch Screen Organizer on your computer


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Battery Sentry -- Android (unpublished)


Battery Sentry watches your phone's battery when you can't. When is that you may ask? Anytime your phone's screen is off. Don't find out when it's too late that a background application has drained your battery when you weren't using your phone. Let Battery Sentry protect you!

It's simple, just set Battery Sentry to detect excessive battery drain while your phone is idle. You can define both the percentage and speed of drain that will cause an alert. If detected, Battery Sentry will alert you with both an audible alarm and a standard Android notification.


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I'm Almost There

Photos & Friends -- iOS


Showing photos to your friends on your iPhone or iPod Touch has just gotten a whole lot easier - and much more fun! No more will you and your friends have to crowd around your device's screen to see photos! And forget about passing your device around and risking it being dropped. Photos & Friends makes sharing your photos as simple as loading an app and scrolling through them as you normally would, and the best part of it is that you can all see the same photo at the same time.

Want to share some of your photos with a few friends? Its simple.

  1. Launch the Photos & Friends app on your phone.
  2. Have your friends do the same - they can even use our FREE viewer app if they don't need to share their photos.
  3. Select one of your photo albums - you'll notice that the interface is strikingly familiar to all of the photo viewing apps that you are used to.
  4. Tap the 'Tap to Share' button.
  5. Scroll through your photos just like you normally would. As you stop scrolling to view a particular photo, it is automatically transferred to your connected friends.

And that's it! Now let the sharing fun begin.


Unpublished Apps (Works-In-Progress)

Below are a few apps that I am still in the process of working on. As time allows, I may decide to complete and publish them.

Pack 'Em In

Pack 'Em In -- iOS

Fill as much of the screen as quickly as you can with the smiley faces. The tighter you pack 'em in the better your score.


Leave A Note

Leave A Note -- iOS

Find something interesting somewhere? Why not leave a note about it so that others can share your findings? Notes stay at the location you entered them and are available for anyone else to see. They can even comment on your notes.


Who's With Me

Who's With Me? -- Android

Location based anonymous group chat. Create a chat room that can only be seen by those nearby. Rooms travel with the person who created them. Share thoughts about an event, traveling on a train? Discuss anything with the people around you.