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Get those Ghosts

Play the game against virtual enemies that are all around you. Your device is the camera into the ghost world.

Shoot enemies by panning left, right, up and down. Make sure you have plenty of space to rotate in multiple directions to shoot the enemies before time is up. Don't shoot the bomb or you will lose plenty of points.

Spinning Tales

Spin amazing tales with your friends!

Set the tone for the tale by coming up with an intriguing title. After that, invite a few friends to help you. If you are really feeling daring, why not invite a few random Spinning Tales authors to help you - the choice is yours!

Now that you have gotten started spinning a tale, it's time to put your creativity to work and start writing. You and your friends will enjoy watching the tale unfold as you each take turns adding to it - word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.

And don't worry, Spinning Tales works over the Internet so there is no need to be in the same room, or the same country for that matter.


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MathWiz - Times Tables

Times tables for the 21st century

MathWiz! - Times Table Edition is the application that brings learning the times tables into the 21st century. Don't use those boring flash cards! MathWiz! presents the equations, keeps track of your score and even times you! Get ready to LEARN!

I'm Almost There

Location aware alarms and notifications

The location-aware alarm...

It's simple: Search for & save a destination, create a custom alarm (audible and/or SMS) and turn it on. I'm Almost There takes care of the rest.

Built on our Adaptive Location Engine - it is designed to be extremely battery friendly (intelligent GPS usage).


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Photos & Friends

Instantly share your photos with friends

Photos & Friends brings quick and easy photo sharing to all of your iPhone and iPod Touch devices. All you need is a couple of friends and a shared Wi-Fi connection.

Showing photos to your friends on your iOS device has just gotten a whole lot easier - and much more fun. No more will you and your friends have to crowd around your device's screen to see photos! And forget about passing your device around and risking it being dropped.

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What fans are saying...

I tried out this app and really, really love it.

Tony, New Jersey

The perfect complement to the warm Florida nights. Can't believe some of the tales we have come up with.

Roni, Florida

Somehow this is very addicting, I can't seem to stop writing! My creativity has blossomed.

Alex, California